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As we progress on our journey we will be releasing several audio-books for the benefit of our listeners.

If you would like to listen to all of the tips ahead of their scheduled release dates then you are welcome to buy and download copies of the Tip Tours Audio books in advance.

The graphics will display at their best on an iPad or similar large format player, but they can also be displayed on any MP3 player of your choice. Also, each section of the Audio book includes a photograph taken of the actual location where each Tip was recorded so that you have a complete visual reference as you sit back and enjoy listening to each track.

Tip Tours will be releasing five audio-books that, alone or combined, will provide a unique and wonderful record of our amazing journey through the Cotswolds :

  • Volume 1 – The first 25 tips – Track list below
  • Volume 2 – The second 25 tips
    • Currently being recorded
  • Volume 3 – The third 25 tips
    • Due late Summer 2010
  • Volume 4 – The fouth 25 tips
    • Due Autumn 2010
  • Volume 5 – Compilation of all 100 tips
    • Due Winter 2010 – ready for Christmas

Here’s a clip of the introduction to our first Tip Tours Audiobook:

Introduction dialogue:

“Thank you for purchasing this unique ‘Cotswold tip tours’ audio book and joining us on our special journey through the sights and sounds of the Cotswolds. In this audio you will be joining author Joe St Clair and I as we bring you inspirational and motivational ideas that are aimed at stimulating you to lead a richer and more fulfilling life. Each tip correlates to a specific location in the most beautiful parts of the ‘hidden’ Cotswolds which makes this audio book not just a pleasant armchair journey but also a complete multi-media adventure.

Be sure to look out for the next three ‘Cotswold Tip Tours’ audio books in our series of four.”

Click here to buy and download Tip Tours Volume 1 Audio Book




01 Introduction 01:02
02 Open your mind to all possibilities 03:12
03 Real wealth and freedom comes only from within 03:54
04 Depend on no-one but yourself 02:39
05 Try to see the beauty or goodness in everything 02:35
06 Life can be great fun – If you see the funny side 04:54
07 Acquiring perspective and balance 03:49
08 Work, rest and play 02:14
09 Follow your own spiritual path 03:38
10 Travel new roads 03:09
11 The gentle art of meditation 03:47
12 Enjoy your own company 04:00
13 Start with the dream 02:19
14 Nothing happens until ideas turn into actions 03:34
15 Always show appreciation 03:12
16 Plan it then do it 02:33
17 Follow your own dreams – Never be put off by others 02:59
18 Always remain focused on the bigger picture 02:52
19 Know how lucky you are 02:53
20 Living in the moment 02:49
21 Carpe Diem – Seize the day 02:20
22 Accept that there is never complete right or wrong 03:19
23 Take a day out of your life to work on your life 03:32
24 Don’t waste time fighting the natural order of things 03:26
25 Learn to love change 03:46
26 The joy of learning 03:12

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