Always remain focused on the bigger picture – Gloucester Docks

Tweet Tip 49 – Always remain focused on the bigger picture Gloucester docks are at the heart of the wonderful city of Gloucester and are deeply embedded in the history of the city. The main dock at Gloucester was constructed as the terminus of a ship canal with an entrance from the Severn estuary at Sharpness. The canal was formally opened on the 26th April 1827, and a huge crowd gathered to watch... read more

Life can be great fun – If you see the funny side – Shilton Ford

Tweet Tip 13 – Life can be great fun – if you see the funny side! The small village of Shilton lies on the Oxfordshire side of the Cotswolds with some fine Cotswold stone houses and cottages. Historically the first reference to Shilton occurs as “Sculfton” in a charter dated 25 January 1205 though at that time it was within Berkshire before the county boundaries changed. In the 1205... read more

Carpe Diem – Sieze the Day – St Mary’s Gate Gloucester

Tweet Tip 64 – ‘Carpe Diem’ – Seize the Day “St Mary’s Gate” or the “Great Gate” is centrally located at the mid-point of the western abbey wall within the Gloucester Cathedral precincts. It is the main gate that leads to the medieval abbey and on the same axis as the Bishop Hooper monument and St Mary de Lode church. The room above St Mary’s Gate was used by the Cathedral’s... read more

Accept that there is never complete right or wrong – Radcot Bridge

Tweet Tip 70 – Accept that there is never complete right or wrong Radcot Bridge crosses the River Thames at Radcot in Oxfordshire carrying the A4095 road across the river above Radcot Lock. Adjoining the bridge is the delightful Swan Inn and slight earthworks known as Matilda’s Castle. There are three stone bridges at this point on the Thames, Radcot Bridge itself plus the ‘Canal Bridge’ and... read more

Enjoy your own company – Burford Lodge

Tweet Tip 21 – Enjoy Your Own Company Sheep Street in Burford is a pure delight. Away from the tourist filled high street it offers an amazing array of architectural styles in a quaint, unspoilt backwater. With the Tourist Information office located within the entrance of an old brewery, the impossibly lovely Bay Tree Hotel, and the timeless Lamb Inn it is the perfect way to spend a few moments just... read more

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